If you’ve ever searched for anything related to creating content or social media, you’ve probably heard all of the classic advice – optimize your profile, know your audience, post relevant content, use the right hashtags, show up on stories, etc. etc.

But there’s one thing that a lot of social media “gurus” as well as content creators don’t talk about and that’s writing content that converts your followers into clients. Yes, creating relevant content that is useful to your audience and ideal clients IS important, but you can have 10,000 followers and make $0 if you don’t know how to inspire your followers to buy your offers or pay for your services.

Before purchasing your services or offers, your potential clients need to achieve confidence in three main areas: confidence in the services or offers, confidence in themselves, and confidence in you and your abilities. Knowing this, you can map out your content accordingly and make sure your potential clients go through all the steps necessary to feel comfortable with spending money on whatever you have to offer.

EDUCATIONAL CONTENT (confidence in your services)

The best way of helping your potential clients achieve confidence in your services is to post educational content about your services’ features and benefits. With these content pieces, you should teach them about what you do, how you do it, what’s in it for them, invalidate their misconceptions, open their eyes to new possibilities, show them your services and offers are better than your competition’s, etc. 

This is best done with graphics, as you can visually get your point across better than with long captions. Don’t worry if you don’t have graphic design skills, though. You can use templates on websites such as Canva to get your point across, so no need to start downloading every Adobe program under the sun, if you’ve never used them before.

INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT (confidence in themselves)

To make your potential clients achieve confidence in themselves, it’s time to whip out some inspirational content. If they don’t believe in their own abilities to achieve their goals and, ultimately, their dreams, they won’t be prepared to invest money into bettering themselves. Create inspirational content beyond just reposting other people’s quotes – create content that speaks directly to your ideal client’s fears, goals, dreams, and make sure to inspire them to be their best selves. 

This is also best done with graphics, so people can reshare the content you post. Nobody will want to repost your face to their stories, but they WILL repost an inspirational quote you created as a graphic. Canva is a good website for creating these as well, so don’t be afraid to use it for inspiration or templates.

ASPIRATIONAL CONTENT (confidence in you)

The purpose of aspirational content isn’t to brag about how well you’re doing, but rather to help your potential clients achieve confidence in you and your abilities to make their lives better. This type of content should build trust between you and your audience, so post things such as client wins, your accomplishments, encourage your ideal clients that they can do what you do too, and talk about things you’ve achieved that your ideal clients want to achieve as well.

For example, let’s say your ideal clients want to achieve $5k months and you can help them do it. An aspirational post related to this would explain how YOU achieved your first $5k month, how it made you feel, and that your ideal clients can achieve it too.

This is best done by using pictures of yourself – either selfies, aesthetic portraits or just portraits from your last branding photoshoot. You want to make people associate you with your brand, so they can start trusting you and what you do.

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