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Creating content for different platforms is a crucial part of growing your online presence. However, when you’re unsure what you’re doing, creating content can take a really long time. With these tips, you will learn how to create content quickly and efficiently, so you can grow your online presence WITHOUT spending the majority of your time on it.


Before creating any type of content, you need to dive deep into what your audience wants to see. Start by creating 3 of these categories, which are called content pillars. For example, let’s say your audience wants to learn more about your niche, want to feel inspired, and motivated. In that case, your content pillars would be informational posts, inspirational posts, and motivational quotes.

Now let’s get to content buckets – that’s the “subcategories” for content pillars. This is what your content plan would look like:

Educational posts: how-to’s, Q&As, tips and tricks, explanation posts,…

Inspirational posts: inspirational quotes, client wins, your great achievements,…

Motivational posts: motivational quotes, …


If you’re still stuck on what to write about, you can try using free online tools designed to quickly generate thousands of post ideas. You can find all of the tools in my blog post HERE. The blog post consists of a list of my five favorite tools for generating content ideas because even as a content creator I sometimes need extra inspiration as well.


The secret to consistently creating content without spending most of your time creating it, is repurposing content. When you create one piece of content, you’ve actually created an UNLIMITED amount of different content pieces. For example, with just ONE blog post, you can create:

– multiple pieces of content for social media
– a livestream
– a newsletter
– a story mini-training
– an ebook
– a podcast episode

….and so on!

You can then take those pieces of content and repurpose them further OR use them for

inspiration when deciding what kind of content to create in the future.


Whenever you come across a social media post, blog article, podcast episode, etc. that inspires you and gives you ideas for your future content, SAVE IT. And if you get a good idea while taking the shower or driving, write it down as well. You can use those ideas in the future when you have no idea what to post. 

For example, I have a saved posts category on Instagram called “Post inspo” where I save anything that inspires me or gives me ideas for future content. I also have a Pinterest board for post inspiration and keep a note on my phone where I write all post ideas I come up with. 

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