HOW TO SELL ON INSTAGRAM (without cold messaging)

As the world is becoming more tech-savvy, people are starting to value genuine human relationships more and more. The same goes for social media and sales – people will be more likely to buy from you if you build a genuine connection with them first.


I have two strategies for finding people to reach out to:

One way you could go about this is by creating a poll on your stories and seeing who responds. 

For example, as a social media manager and content creator, I once created a poll and asked my followers, if they had a content strategy for their Instagram. The poll answers I picked were “OFC!!” and “A content what??”. I then proceeded to DM everyone who chose the “A content what??” option, because it’s something I specialize in and they expressed they were lacking.

You can play around with these poll options, but make sure they lead your audience into recognizing a problem you can help them solve.

Another way you could go about this is reaching out to people who comment on your posts: People who comment on your posts already show an interest in your content, so they’re very likely to want to hear from you in their DMs. 


If you’re been on social media for a while, you’ve probably received a fair share of “hey hun!!” messages in your DMs. This is a prime example of what you SHOULDN’T do when reaching out to potential clients.

If you’re using the examples I mentioned before, your first message can be really easy to send – you can reference their poll answer or comment they left on your content.

However, you can also respond to your follower’s stories, as they give you a great reference as to what your first message can be about.


When you’re reaching out to people, it’s important you build a GENUINE connection with them. Your main goal shouldn’t be to get them to buy your offers or jump on a sales call with you. Your main priority should be making a friend on Instagram.

Ask loads of questions, share some insight into your life as well, and don’t worry about guiding the conversation to a place where you can finally pitch your services.


As your relationship slowly progresses throughout time, it’s time to make sure this person really is your ideal client. You can start asking them questions about things that you specialize in, to make sure they really need what you’re offering them.


Does the person you’re talking to actually need what you’re offering? PERFECT! It’s time to pitch! It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching your services or offer, make sure you focus on how THEY will benefit from it and what kind of results they can achieve. A good strategy is to try and get them on a discovery call as well because people are more likely to buy if you talk to them one on one.

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I don’t believe in spending hours every day engaging with your ideal clients, sliding into their DMs, and hoping they convert. Creating quality content that attracts your audience and clients with ease is more my jam.