I’ve been working as a social media manager for over four years and I’ve got to admit… staying on top of content day after day can get creatively exhausting. Thankfully, if you’ve identified your ideal client, you’ve done most of the work already. 

Once you have your ideal client worked out, you can create amazing content that will turn followers into fans who will follow your every move. But sometimes it feels like you’ve exhausted all of your creativity… For those situations I suggest you research and use the following content archetypes:


Is your ideal client into learning about new and exciting things in your niche? If your answer is yes, then you should stay on top of changes in your industry and either repost articles from reputable sources or write content related to those changes.


If you want to educate your clients (which in my opinion is a must for all businesses), post informative content such as “how-to” posts, tips and tricks, statistics, case studies, articles, videos, etc.


Post something that will get your audience inspired and ready to strive for their goals. This can be done through things such as inspirational videos, TED talks, mood boards, success stories or quotes. But BEWARE – Instagram is overflowing with inspirational quotes, so don’t over-do them and make sure if you do post quotes, they’re few and far in between.

Testimonials and user-generated content

Sometimes you need to toot your own horn and show your audience how happy you make your clients. This is a great opportunity to build trust with potential clients, feature new products/services or make more sales. Post testimonials from happy customers, whether it’s in the form of emails, DM’s or even specifically written testimonials you asked for.

If you have a product, I suggest making a dedicated hashtag on Instagram that your clients can use when posting pictures featuring your products. Let them know if they use your hashtag, you will repost their content on your profile. Your happy customer will be honoured to be featured on their favourite brand’s page, and you’ll get free user-generated content. Win-win situation!


This is a content idea that can explode your following and engagement if done right. If you have a product or service that you know your audience would love, why not organize a giveaway? You could also connect with other small businesses in your niche to expand your reach and make the giveaway more memorable.


Everyone loves a good sneak peek behind the scenes of their favourite content creators. Take advantage of this and show your audience how your products are made or how you come up with new service ideas. 

See what your competition is doing

Now, don’t get me wrong. You should never straight-up steal from others in your niche or plagiarise content. HOWEVER, seeing what works for your competition and what kind of content they’re posting can be very beneficial for you. 

You can look at your competition’s:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Newsletters
  • Podcast episodes

Their content will surely give you great ideas on what to post next.

Check forums and groups for questions

One part of having your ideal clients figured out is knowing exactly where they hang out. Once you know that, you can join forums and groups they’re a part of and answer questions they have. 

Forum & group suggestions:

  • Reddit 
  • Quora
  • Facebook groups
  • Tailwind tribes

Remember that when it comes to content, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Every post doesn’t have to be perfect and you shouldn’t stress yourself out too much. The best way to create quality content is to be yourself and if you’re blocking off creativity with stress, you’re setting yourself up for empty feeds and lost followers.

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I don’t believe in spending hours every day engaging with your ideal clients, sliding into their DMs, and hoping they convert. Creating quality content that attracts your audience and clients with ease is more my jam.